Our family has been affected by migraine for three generations.

After decades of relentless suffering, we have uncovered how to heal and prevent migraines using natural integrative therapies focused on nutritional and lifestyle changes.

The Herdell Migraine Institute was created to explain how migraines may be healed naturally.

It is our desire to share a way out of chronic disease to save you, your child, your family, your friend from the catastrophe of migraine.

We have discovered no new ideas, rather a theory of health and disease which is based on nutrition and toxicity.

You will be able to test this theory to your satisfaction and adopt it if you are able to see what we have seen, understood and experienced!

Our experience has been life changing and we wish the same freedom for you.

You can read more about our family’s healing story with the Gerson Therapy on the Gerson Institute’s website HERE.

A quote below by Nobel Laureate Albert Schweitzer is a concise summary of how our family feels (excerpt taken from Beata Bishop’s book, A Time to Heal);



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