Characteristics of Survivors

This is based off a survey adapted from the Gerson Institute of cancer survivors and their common characteristics.

These apply to migraine survivors as well.

  • They aren’t afraid to question standard practices. They don’t buy into the prevalent beliefs regarding their illness. They interview other migraine survivors. They ask for studies and references and ask what might happen with certain choices. They are proactive.

  • They accept responsibility (the ability to respond). They are humble and do not blame things or people outside of themselves. They take charge of their lives. They may look at the diagnosis as a wake up call. Are there changes I need to make in my life?

  • They nourish their body with all the essential nutrients and cleanse it internally. They educate themselves about nutrition and health through their research. They seek commonalities in alternative or other successful treatments.

  • They learn what their stressors are and how to deal with them in a healthy way. They question standards and expectations that have been imposed upon them in their lives, especially those in regard to relationship with others. This includes self-imposed standards that may not be realistic or healthy.

  • They cultivate kindness and a loving attitude toward others. They address issues of forgiveness of themselves and others.

  • They believe in a higher power and surrender control. They cooperate with a higher power rather than thinking they are in control or someone else is in control. They find purpose in their lives.

  • They may consider this an initiation and may come to realize that whatever the final outcome – the deepest level of healing can happen.