“You can’t keep one disease and heal two others – when the body heals, it heals everything.”

-Charolette Gerson, Food Matters Film

The stories below offer compelling evidence that the debilitating neurobiological condition of migraine can be healed.
Each story offers a powerful testimony to the long-term suffering experienced as a result of failed pharmaceutical treatment, highlighting the efficacy of nutrition, detoxification, and functional medicine in the healing of chronic migraines.

There is hope to get well.

Michele’s Story


I’ve come a long way in being able to function in this world since becoming a chronic daily migraineur… I have just recently returned to work full time (first time in 7 years), lost almost 20 pounds, my food list has increased dramatically, and my autoimmune antibodies are almost in normal range. The most amazing part is that it’s been a whole year since I’ve treated or relied on medication to abort my migraines.

Jake’s Story


My brother, Jacob Herdell, was one of the most complex chronic migraine cases I’ve ever come across. Jake represented the quintessential “worst-case” scenario – a person who has suffered since childhood, a young man whom top migraine specialists across the country had given up on.

Josette’s Story


At the age of 18, I developed chronic migraines while living in Panama as an exchange student. I have a genetic predisposition for migraines. My paternal grandmother, father, and younger brother have migraines, as well as family on my mother’s side. Over the next 10 years, doctors tried every possible migraine medication on me, eventually resorting to Botox injections, which involved a series of injections in the face and neck. All of these options were a dead end.

Patti’s Story


As Josette and Jake’s mom, I am immensely grateful for the many chances we have been given to overcome our family’s debilitating migraines and the accompanying mental health declines. I do feel that if we had known what we now know when our children were growing up, life could have been very different. It is with these thoughts in mind we have created HMI in the hope that other people will suffer less and find the way to live full and happy lives.

Richard’s Story

Richard has been on the Gerson Therapy for over 2 years. He was suffering from Crohn’s Disease, inflammatory arthritis, and severe lifelong migraine headaches. His inspiring story also ties in the healing journeys of his two children who were experiencing their own serious health challenges and decided to go on the Gerson Therapy as well.

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