Michele’s Story

I’ve come a long way in being able to function in this world since becoming a chronic daily migraineur. Almost every day for nearly 7 years I was either in pain, on prescription medications or recovering from the side effects of either one. Many days I didn’t participate in the world, many days I was too pained or dizzy to even shower. I missed so many moments with friends, family, co-workers.  My life was miserable. Every neurologist, headache specialist and primary doctor failed me. They tried so many different prescriptions that didn’t solve the problem, but added other issues like anxiety, drowsiness,  depression, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, weight gain, lowered cognitive function …the list goes on.  I soon developed an autoimmune disease that exacerbated my migraines, because I migraines triggered from so many foods. I was down to eating a list of about 10-20 items. When I was at rock bottom, the universe led me to Josette of the Herdell Migraine Institute.

Josette was instrumental in my healing. Because she was a sufferer herself, she understood the struggles and was very compassionate every step of the way. She has a wealth of knowledge about migraine disease and natural healing remedies.

My healing journey was very demanding and time consuming but the results were miraculous. I have just recently returned to work full time (first time in 7 years), lost almost 20 pounds, my food list has increased dramatically, and my autoimmune antibodies are almost in normal range. The most amazing part is that it’s been a whole year since I’ve treated or relied on medication to abort my migraines. I sincerely believe pharmaceuticals are one of the biggest issue to this problem, but that’s the only way traditional doctors know how to treat us.

The Gerson Therapy was a miracle worker for me and for that I’ll be forever grateful….. I shed tears over the little things in life that some may take for granted….being able to shower, being on time to places, feeling good, functioning in the world, enjoying loved ones.


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