Our Mission is to educate migraineurs,
to share stories of healing migraine,
and offer you hope to heal.

We are a signpost in the road of your journey, here to explain about healing and point out that there is another path to follow… a path with an entirely different outcome. The current story is only one of hopelessness. We know differently from our personal experience as well as the experience of other healed migraineurs. There is actually plenty of hope but an alternative approach must be taken. The truth is that degenerative conditions such as migraine can be controlled and healed.

HMI is simply about feeling good enough to live a beautiful life because you’re healthy enough to do so.

Our goal is to share stories of healing of chronic migraine, as well as offer you hope that healing can occur.

We currently have a local migraine support group in the Coeur d Alene, Idaho area. Contact us for additional information or if you would like help setting up a support group where you live.

HMI would like to network with practitioners who are helping guide migraineurs to healing, as well as connect with other migraineurs who have healed and share their stories on our website.

Would you like help us tell the compelling story of suffering and sickness turned to miraculous healing?

Please connect with us and share our mission to spread hope!


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