Living with chronic migraines is not only physically exhausting, but takes a toll on your emotions and attitude. You may have spent many years bouncing from doctor to doctor, only to be told they have tried everything available to help you and they have nothing more to offer. These dead ends can break your spirit and lead to a hopeless attitude.

Your healing journey starts with believing you can get well. It starts with having hope in the rejuvenating healing properties of your body. You must become your own health advocate, someone who does not give in or give up. We understand what it means to live with daily headaches and migraines. We understand what it means to give up. And we also understand the profound impact your attitude has on your health and potential to get well. Be encouraged, be hopeful, and tell yourself that you CAN get well! You are already on the right path by seeking answers, asking questions, and searching for more options.

This is probably not the first time you’ve heard about the connection between your attitude and healing. What you may not have been told is, THERE IS ACTUALLY A WAY TO HEAL. Our goal at HMI is to prove migraines can be healed. We will share healing stories, show you why it works, how it works, and show you paths and resources to support your healing journey.

You are not alone in your suffering or your healing journey – we are here to walk alongside you. An excellent starting point in renewing your hope to heal is to read other migraineurs’ healing stories & familiarize yourself with common characteristics of survivors.