The degenerative “dis-ease” of migraine is related to the issue of deficiency, toxicity, energy dysregulation, and systemic imbalance. Many of these issues are caused by our lifestyle, the Standard American Diet (SAD), and an increasingly polluted environment (Gerson, 2013). Daily exposure to poisons all around us coupled with ongoing nutritional deficiency and a stressful lifestyle lead to a breakdown of the body’s defenses. These problems can be addressed with a holistic approach, prompting the immune system to restore the body’s biochemistry and metabolism to equilibrium, thereby eliminating migraine. The approach is to deal with the cause of migraine, not solely focused on the symptoms. Migraine is not a “disease”, but actually a set of symptoms that make up a state of ill health. Each layer of symptoms can be peeled back through a holistic approach, revealing imbalances that can be addressed and restored, leading to a healthy body and mind free of migraine.

A holistic approach veers away from the modern reductionist approach, which focuses on reducing the complexity of the human body into individual components, with individual treatments for each symptom or ailment. Functional medicine encompasses a holistic approach to treating illness – seeking to address the root cause of disease and inviting the patient to have an active role alongside the practitioner in the healing process.

Deficiency starts in the soil, which leads to deficient food and deficient nutrients available for human consumption. The development and increasing use of artificial fertilizers, which provide only three of the 50 or so minerals and trace elements that are essential to healthy soil, produces a nutrient-poor environment for our food to grow. Deficient food is further depleted during processing – the pre-packaged, canned, jarred, pickled and frozen foods we see in the grocery store are drained of the nutritional ingredients they once had and our bodies need to stay healthy and functional (Gerson, 2013).

Our soil is polluted with poisonous pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, and our water is polluted with chlorine, fluoride, and drug residues. Toxins permeate our food, water, and the air we breathe. We are exposed to these toxins every day, all day, so they’re practically impossible to avoid. They’re in the environment, in our homes, our workplace, our food, our clothing…

Consider this: Every time we eat, we are exposed to toxicity. This is something we do every day of our lives. Our bodily poisoning occurs in slow motion, eventually resulting in bodily degeneration. Many of us may be born healthy and vibrant, and as we age we get less and less healthy in part due to genetics, toxic exposure, nutritional deficiency, lifestyle choices, and stress.

Healing a chronic condition such as migraine involves a multi-faceted approach that first and foremost involves nutrition and detoxification. Visit our Health page for an overview of what’s involved to heal migraine.




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